Système d’information agricole de l’Afrique de l’Ouest


Summary of the main results of the HEA analyses as for February- March 2019 cycle

carte HEA

Save the Children International (SCI) and the AGRHYMET Regional Centre and their partners (ACF, Oxfam), through the ECOAGRIS project and the HEA Sahel regional project, supported the early warning systems (EWS) of 12 Sahelian and West African countries with an HEA analysis commonly known as Outcome Analysis.

Outcome analysis is a participatory and inclusive analytical process by which information on a shock (e. g. an event such as drought, insecurity, or market disruption) combined with data from a community’s baseline situation can predict change, particularly in terms of access to income, food, basic social services and basic social services of different socio-economic categories of households for the current year. This analysis is done through monitoring of the key factors/parameters that determine food security and household livelihood security for each livelihood zone analyzed.

Key parameters are sources of income or food that can significantly influence access to household income or food. In the Sahel and West Africa, a source of income or food is considered a key parameter when it contributes at least 10% of the total food and cash income of a socio-economic group (very poor, poor, middle or wealthy) or at least 5% of the total food and cash income of two socio-economic groups within a community in a livelihood zone.

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