Système d’information agricole de l’Afrique de l’Ouest


Technical partners

Implementation agreements on the strategic and operational aspect have been signed with partners of the ECOAGRIS mechanism, in accordance with their specific competences.
• CORAF/WECARD on research data base;
• AFRICARICE on rice data base ;
• ReSAKSS for analyses of national and regional policies and their impact ;
• FEWS NET, FAO and WFP which are partners of the Cadre Harmonisé;
• Save The Children NGO for the extension of the HEA profiles in all the countries involved in the project ;
• OXFAM Intermon NGO for the monitoring of proximity stocks ;
• RESOGEST for the monitoring of food security national stocks.
The Joint Research Center of the European commission provides a targeted technical support on coherence of the existing information systems, development and implementation of the Cadre Harmonisé in all countries, training on the new monitoring tools for food and nutrition security and communication related to ECOAGRIS, especially the relooking of the ECOAGRIS and AGRHYMET websites.
At regional level, the information and decision-support unit hosted at the management technical unit of the regional reserve of ARAA is responsible of crossing various types of data and information including those produced by ECOAGRIS to help steering the food security reserve. It hosts the info stock unit which will receive information on stocks that are generated by ECOAGRIS.