Système d’information agricole de l’Afrique de l’Ouest


Regional component of the project

The proposed organization to make the project operational is a structure articulated around two types of components:
• The ECOAGRIS national component;
• The regional component is provided by the ARC which will manage and facilitate the implementation of the project activities.
The regional component is the AGRHYMET Regional Centre, which is responsible for the overall management of the project. In this sense, the Centre is in charge of the implementation of the project activities:
• the operationalization of the ECOAGRIS mechanism in the 17 countries;
• capacity building of the national technical services providing data;
• quality control of all activities;
• the administrative, financial and technical management of the action under the conditions laid down in the grant contract.
The project team is composed of experts, technicians and support staff from the AGRHYMET Regional Centre, specialized in areas related to the project's theme. The project team will use consultants and service providers for the right implementation of the project. It is also planned to recruit a technical advisor for a period of 24 months in permanent presence, followed by 24 months in remote support.
The regional team is as follows:
• a Regional Manager;
• a Regional Focal Point based in Abuja (ECOWAS);
• an expert in computer network administration;
• three experts managing the databases at AGRHYMET, ARAA and UEMOA;
• a Cadre Harmonisé Expert;
• a Market Expert;
• a HEA Expert;
• a statistician expert;
• a nutritionist expert;
• an expert trainer in instruments and micro-computing (networks and databases);
• a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant;
• an accountant;
• an accounting assistant;
• a procurement specialist;
• an administrative assistant (secretary) and;
• two (2) drivers.