Système d’information agricole de l’Afrique de l’Ouest


National component of the project

The proposed organization to make the project operational is a structure articulated around two types of components:
• The ECOAGRIS national component;
• The regional component is provided by the ARC which will manage and facilitate the implementation of the project activities.
The national component:
This national component is composed of the ECOAGRIS National Frameworks (ENF) which bring together the institution of the focal point and other identified partner institutions (technical services, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, development projects, research organizations, etc.). Each ECOAGRIS National Framework will consist of a Strategic Orientation Committee (SOC) and an ECOAGRIS Technical Committee (ETC). The ENFs are formally recognized by a ministerial or inter-ministerial decree or even a decree if necessary. Their roles are clearly stated in a formal document. The ENF is responsible for data management. It must guarantee information safety. The procedures for collecting, processing, storing, archiving and saving data are in accordance with the MoU signed with the regional technical coordination based at the AGRHYMET Regional Centre. It is a national network of data producers (national sectoral services) for the following twelve (12) subsystems of the platform:
• Macroeconomics;
• Early warnings;
• Agricultural markets;
• Agricultural research;
• Agro-hydro-meteorology;
• Nutrition;
• Natural Resources and Climate Change;
• Food stocks;
• Fisheries and aquaculture;
• Livestock ;
• Agricultural productions;
• Agricultural inputs.